Ian's Web Server

Video Loop Manual

This is a fast way to make a video loop forever. It supports optional prefixes that play before the loop.

Fast Loop

Just paste the URL of something online into this box and click go to loop it eternally.

Standard Loop

To use the standard loop functionality, specify the path to the files excluding the extension with the v variable. Example: https://iwalton.com/videoloop/?v=clock would look for https://iwalton.com/videoloop/clock.webm and https://iwalton.com/videoloop/clock.mp4.

Multi-part Loops

To use the prefix function, specify the first part of the _loop and _pre files. Example: https://iwalton.com/videoloop/?p=clock would look for https://iwalton.com/videoloop/clock_pre.webm, https://iwalton.com/videoloop/clock_pre.mp4, http://iwalton.no-ip.org/videoloop/clock_loop.webm, and http://iwalton.no-ip.org/videoloop/clock_loop.mp4.