Ian's Server

Puzzle Mirror

This is a mirror of puzzle games written by Simon Tatham, the creator of PuTTY. You can find the original website and links to download these games here. Select the puzzle you wish to play from the list below to get started.

Puzzle blackbox
Puzzle bridges
Puzzle cube
Puzzle dominosa
Puzzle fifteen
Puzzle filling
Puzzle flip
Puzzle flood
Puzzle galaxies
Puzzle guess
Puzzle inertia
Puzzle keen
Puzzle lightup
Puzzle loopy
Puzzle magnets
Puzzle map
Puzzle mines
Puzzle net
Puzzle netslide
Puzzle palisade
Puzzle pattern
Puzzle pearl
Puzzle pegs
Puzzle range
Puzzle rect
Puzzle samegame
Puzzle signpost
Puzzle singles
Puzzle sixteen
Puzzle slant
Puzzle solo
Puzzle tents
Puzzle towers
Puzzle tracks
Puzzle twiddle
Puzzle undead
Puzzle unequal
Puzzle unruly
Puzzle untangle