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Legal information


Information stored to this site including access and error logs may be viewed by the site operator for diagnostic purposes. Information will never be sold to a third party or used to target or display ads. The only third-party Javascript/Cookies used on this site are ReCaptcha. If this is needed, you will be asked to provide permission before the third-party ReCaptcha code is even loaded.

Some services are excluded from site logs to avoid writing sensitive details to disk. Some services also make use of encryption, which generally makes the content unavailable to anyone who doesn't know the access passphrase or URL. Bot Challenge, Search Director, Quick Note, SPWG, Vapor Link, and Vapor Message are not logged to disk. Bot Challenge, Quick Note, Vapor Link, and Vapor Message make use of server-side AES encryption to protect data. Search Director only saves the user's preferred search engine, and SPWG doesn't store anything.

For all applications where delete functionality is available or applied after a time period, the data is unlinked from hard disks, but not immediately overwritten. Service on this website is only provided using HTTPS and is preloaded to require HTTPS in many browsers. Backups are saved every few months, and are fully encrypted.


This service does not make use of any tracking cookies. All cookies that are set are used for authorization only, so no "Cookie Consent" dialog or opt-out is offered or legally required. Most services on this site are anonymous, making it difficult to support deletion of content. If you need content deleted or exported from the system in a way that the applications do not support, please send an email to webmaster@iwalton.com with your request.

Usage Restrictions

The following terms apply to usage of this website. Failure to abide by terms may result in removal of service, by IP bans and deletion of stored content. While this site isn't a webdrive, certain applications may store data on behalf of the user, in which case the term "upload" applies.

  1. Uploading copyrighted content and sharing it is prohibited.
  2. Uploading content violating US laws is prohibited.
  3. By uploading content, you agree to grant the site operator a full license to host the content as uploaded, until the data is deleted.
  4. Exploitation of security vulnerabilities is prohibited. Please report all vulnerabilities to webmaster@iwalton.com. (PGP) You will never be penalized for responsibly reporting a security issue.
  5. Usage of this service in such a way that impairs normal operation of the service is prohibited.
  6. Services provided on this site are provided with no warranty of any kind, not even warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Removal of Protected Works

Please send all DMCA complaints to webmaster@iwalton.com. Please include the allegedly infringing URLs, the original URLs, and the company you are representing including contact information to facilitate swift removal. Sending takedowns to service providers may result in delays in the takedown process.

Source Code Request

Some applications on this website have their source code available for download. If you are interested in the source code for an application on this web site, and it it not available for download, please email webmaster@iwalton.com. Some code on this website simply isn't packaged for distribution, and it can be prepared for distribution by request.